Running together
by choice

Running together
by choice

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No matter what your project is, you will never be alone 

Design and mold manufacturing 

We design and manufacture injection molds for all thermoplastic resins and various molding technologies (including up to 3 materials with the co-molding of metallic inserts). Starting from the product study and the specifications provided by the customer, our technical department can oversee the entire design process, always finding a solution, even in the face of the most complex challenges. 

Molding for All Sectors

We produce technical products in thermoplastic resins for medium to high production volumes with high-quality standards. For more complex items involving 2-3 materials and overmolding of custom inserts, we can, if necessary, create specific automation systems for production and 100% inspection of finished parts. 


 The technological innovation that our clients face every day requires a partner like OCSA capable of developing products in co-design, often unachievable without the sharing of both corporate know-how. This ensures the success of truly innovative articles, produced through a stable process and with high quality.

Turnkey Systems

OCSA provides consulting, development, and implementation services for clients looking to establish an integrated molding line within their organization. We make our entire corporate know-how available to you, selecting the best production equipment (presses, automation, etc.), conducting on-site testing of the new plant, and handling the final installation directly at your location.

Specialized Assemblies
and Machining

When requested, our company is capable of performing small on-line assemblies or in dedicated areas for more complex ones . Along with our network of partners, we also offer the possibility to carry out additional processes beyond simple assembly and the opportunity to have the product packaged and ready for sale, even on the shelf. 


To manufacture large quantities of components in industries like Automotive and food packaging, it is imperative to establish a stringent quality system, robust processes, and comprehensive control systems that encompass 100% product verification directly on the production line. The ongoing quest for innovative technical and process solutions, along with motivated and well-prepared team members, has enabled us to address the quality challenges that an industry like Automotive imposes on the entire supply chain.


Running Together
to Grow Together

Our approach to work sets us apart from other companies; we build lasting relationships with our clients, guiding them on the path that best suits their needs and leading them towards success. Our goal is to be a trusted reference point for our clients, a partner capable of sharing common goals of economic, social, and qualitative growth, a reliable and transparent business colleague, technically innovative, and capable of offering competitive solutions on a global scale. We are a fellow traveler with whom you can achieve your goals. We are the ones who are always there when you choose to go fast. And above all, we are the ones who know how to go far. 

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Innovation is our
driving force

OCSA is synonymous with quality and care for our clients. We make innovation our engine, propelling us beyond obstacles and allowing us to run alongside you. 

Our know-how and expertise enable us to assist companies in achieving significant milestones in their growth and the development of new ideas. 
The high technological level of our facilities allows for the production of very large volumes, promoting efficient, fast, and optimized production. 


OCSA is wherever precision components and high production volumes are needed



OCSA specializes in thermoplastic components for the automotive industry. With our advanced technology and automated processes, we can provide high-precision and quality components such as gears and co-molded connectors.



Our expertise in mold making and rapid molding for packaging enables us to deliver high volumes of packaging, such as coffee capsules, while adhering to the highest quality standards and ensuring maximum reliability.


Oil and Gas

Thanks to our experience in high-performance thermoplastic resin molding, we provide products used in the supply chain of the Oil & Gas industry, where perfect sealing and long-lasting molds and products are essential requirements.



The water distribution and treatment sector has been replacing metals with plastics in recent years. OCSA supports the customer in the development and material selection for the production of valves, distributors, circulators, and pumps.


Electrical equipment

OCSA collaborates with manufacturers of electrical components for both home and industrial use. We supply molds and plastic components that range from motors to switches, including the co-molding of parts, including aesthetic elements, with 2/3 materials and metal pins.

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It always happens this way. When we manage to convey our way of working, we make an immediate impression. And long-lasting relationships are born, based on reliability and trust that are renewed over time. That's how OCSA chose to do things, ever since its foundation in 1969.

Marco Milan, CEO of OCSA

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